github start guide

Posted on Thu 03 January 2013 in it

最近因为启动了新的项目,正好有机会更新一下原有的技术框架,最近研究了Netty、MyBatis和最新发布的Spring3.2.0。写了一些有意思的demo很想和大家分享,github很火,趁着还没被墙,赶快用起来。 以下是学习记录,包括主要的操作和用eclipse提交的详细说明。


  1. 注册免费帐号 open page
  2. 设置本地环境 refer to $ git config --global twotwo $ git config --global $ git config --list
  3. 提交代码的两种方法 3.1 Create a Repository/Commit to Local & Push to Remote Node(GitHub) refer to git remote add origin

Creates a remote named "origin" pointing at your GitHub repo

git push origin master

Sends your commits in the "master" branch to GitHub

关于remote add:建立一个叫做origin的外部节点 关于push:push 目标 源 3.2 Clone A Repository/fetch Upstream Node(GitHub) refer to 关于commit:建立项目快照 关于fetch和pull的差别:pull会进行fetch并于当前的工作区自动merge 4. Deleting a repository refer to


  1. Open Git Repository Exploring
  2. Clone a Git Repository and add the clone to this view
  3. Team->Share project: Select Git as repository type
  4. Team->Commet: Push the changes to upstream